Caroline Roman

Caroline brings over 20 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry.


Her passion and drive for

the world of makeup helped inspire her to create B Goddess. Color, creativity, and product marketing are her strength making B Goddess a line to fall in love with.

Caroline Roman – CEO

Jeannia Gutierrez

From a young age Jeannia has had a great interest and passion for the art and world of makeup.


With over 5 years of experience her talent is undeniable. For Jeannia B Goddess is only of natural nature to follow her exquisite taste in beauty and fashion. Give her a face and some brushes and the magic of art will follow.

Jeannia Gutierrez – Director of Artistry

Angelina Marie

Angelina is a natural when it comes to today’s trending and always growing social media platform. She brings to B Goddess her understanding on how important it is to create a buzz and in bringing a vision to life when building a brand.


Angelina has a passion for the fashion and beauty industry and is here to leave a mark with B Goddess.

Angelina Marie - Social Media Coordinator