This Is Us​

My journey in the beauty industry began 25 years ago in New York when I took on the job of being a Brand Consultant for a major Cosmetic and Skincare manufacturer. 

It was then I discovered my passion and interest for the beauty industry.


For years I worked closely with brands helping them develop and bring their brand vision to life.

Fast forward to 20 plus years later now in Florida and after working closely with so many great brands and being a part of their journey 7 years ago I decided with the help of my three daughters that it was time to create my own line and that is how B Goddess was born.


Why B Goddess?

We believe every one regardless of age, style or gender should feel like a Goddess and be treated like one.

We believe we represent strength, beauty, courage and passion.

Our line is Latina owned, made in the USA, cruelty free, Gluten free and Vegan.

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